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Nordic headwear

UPFRONT is more than accessories. It’s a work of pride and passion, designed and crafted to last.

For more than a decade..

... UPFRONT has been a leader in Scandinavian headwear.

Guided by the principles of Danish Design, our products are defined by a thoughtfully balanced aesthetic, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for the details.

Inspired by traditional Nordic craftsmanship, UPFRONT looks to both the past and the future when creating top quality caps and related headwear. By combining tradition and innovation, each day we are making uniquely specialist products that stand the test of time and outlast the rise and fall of trends.

Meet the world in style for any occasion

UPFRONT always has a product that suits you and your unique style! Do you want to be inspired by how our products can be styled?

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Our Mission

Headwear is our key product, and not an add-on. We are combining a sustainable, consumer-orientated approach with innovative product development. Our approach is always trend focused yet commercial and we strive to be the most ambitious, and the best in our niche and category, being: Headwear for the quality conscious consumer, That emphasize style and personality.

Our Values

In the details

With any UPFRONT product you can feel the difference - from the rich materials, to the meticulous design, to the expert construction. UPFRONT is more than accessories.

Superior Quality

The future must be sustainable, and the first, easiest and most logical thing to start with, is making stuff that lasts for a long time, extending the life and time before it is either recycled or, God forbid, is thrown out as waste.

Sustainable Innovation

Yes, the future must be sustainable, and the road towards full cradle to cradle manufacturing is long. But we try and search for ideas all the time - that's our promise. We innovate all the time improving the looks, design, production, materials, process etc. – and sustainability is at the core of ideation.

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