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B2B Resources

Welcome to our B2B section. Here you can find B2B materials. And if you need anything else, always feel free to reach out and we will help you out straight away.


Marketing & Resources bank

Visit our resources bank for product pack shots, point of sale material, sales catalogues, documents, logos and other marketing images & videos etc.

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B2B shop

Are you already a partner at STATE OF WOW and need to order new products? Use our B2B shop to quickly and easily order the items you need to replenish your stock - so you do not miss potential customers.

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Books & Catalogues

Corporate Book

We have 15 years of experience in the market for headwear. We believe that headwear is the most potent accessory to express your personality. Read more about STATE OF WOW and what we believe in in our Corporate book here.

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STATEWEAR Display Catalogue

We deliver and set up a 'high performance' display incl. products. We stock the goods and can always deliver top-sellers. Read more about our display solutions here.

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STATEWEAR Product Catalogue - SS23

See our STATEWEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2023 collections.

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UPFRONT Product Catalogue - SS23

See our UPFRONT SPRING/SUMMER 2023 collection.

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Interested in our headwear solutions?

Want to become a partner? Maybe create your own headwear line? Or just want to hear more about your possibilities? Feel free to reach out.

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