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More than fifteen years of WOW

We are STATE OF WOW – the largest headwear company in Scandinavia, offering proven and optimized wholesale and display solutions for retail spaces, private label development and production solutions.

Full-service accessory development and supply company

We have years of experience in headwear production based on our brands UPFRONT and STATEWEAR. Additionally we offer a variety of services for custom design and private label customers.

Value for money products

An entry-level brand with a low price point and is primrily sold in high-traffic locations such as supermarkets, gas stations, DIY shops and outlet stores.

A brand for the forward thinking and the characters

UPFRONT focuses on superior quality, sustainable innovation, attention to details and always keeping fresh.

WOW innovation



Who are we?

STATE OF WOW is the largest headwear company in the Nordics - offering proven and optimized wholesale and display solutions for the retail space, private label development and production solutions for a wide range of established fashion brands, promotion agencies, festivals and organizations across Europe.

Today we are more than 25 employees placed in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland with our head office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and offices in Sweden and China. Together we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible – always questioning the existing with the intent of finding an even better way.

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Interested in our headwear solutions?

Want to become a partner? Maybe create your own headwear line? Or just want to hear more about your possibilities? Feel free to reach out.

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