WOW Innovation

Use our heads to design, develop and supply you with custom headwear solutions

Create customized headwear and related accessories with WOW
Innovation. We develop, source and produce the design that fits you

We consider ourselves a full-service headwear, development and supply division that source to find the right solution for each customer. We always aim to do better – to offer the best possible quality and service. Because, we believe this is the only way to gain and maintain long lasting relationships with our customers. We have many years of experience from our own headwear development and production, more precisely our brands UPFRONT® and STATEWEAR™, including a well-established trend insight and high-level sourcing support.

 We work from the headquarter in Copenhagen, with support from our office in China. All done to ensure the best possible procedures, development and suppliers in order to be upfront on new market situations and technological developments. 

The most important thing for WOW Innovation is to create value for our business partners. We want to create success, not just for ourselves, but for you, our customer - and we do just that by being the most attractive partner for Private Label headwear and related accessories on the market. At STATE OF WOW, we believe in Quality, Service & Relationships.