From turntablism and pirate street parties to established and profitable brand

The story of a brand succeeding in both targeting the underground and mainstream market as well as expanding its product range,
without loosing grip and core DNA.

Upfront is synonymous with state-of-the-art

craftsmanship in headwear. Since the beginning

we have always focused on upgrading and pushing the standard for both detailing, design and material - always being realistic in terms of brand, market, sourcing and pricing.

This means, that our brand has had that good and rare balance between forward thinking, idealism and good business – without taking unnecessary risks at the wrong time. And you can rest assured, that we’ll stay on that path in the future.

We intend to put our experience to use, and

continuously hit the markets, existing and potential end-users with collections, that are just right at the right point in time.

The core of Upfront is something as rare as

quality in these fast fashion days.

We are hysterical about the quality of our end products. Always have been - always will be.

We believe that headwear is the most potent

accessory to express your personality – and all individuals are special and possess quality.

If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, we won’t make it.

And that goes for all our collections – from the original, Street, to Fashion, Sport and it goes

without saying talking about Upfront Exclusive.