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STATE OF WOW® is a Danish headwear company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. STATE OF WOW® is a part of the WOW Group, which consists of several brands and a custom design and headwear lab that develop, design and produce headwear for many international brands.


UPFRONT® is connected to international DJ’s and music and aims to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s a cool, fashion brand with a touch of risk-taking style and a hyped, creative counterpoint to STATE OF WOW®. UPFRONT® has a wide collection that consist of three sub collections; ORIGINAL, STREET and HYPE. ORIGINAL is the fashionable, classic designs, STREET is the playful, cool and sporty products and HYPE is the strong and edgy statement products. All collections are combining contemporary fashion with essential products of high quality.

STATE OF WOW® is a lifestyle brand that has an accessory for any occasion and for everyone. STATE OF WOW® is characterized by its wide selection of products and color combinations. Baseball caps, flat visors, snapbacks, closed backs or comfy beanies – STATE OF WOW® has something for everyone.
STATE OF WOW® is your go-to solution for basic, timeless, high quality headwear.

STATEWEAR™ is an entry-level brand, which is primarily sold in hyper markets. STATEWEAR™ products are characterized by the modern design, good quality and low pricing structure.

WOW Innovation
Besides our own three brands, WOW Innovation is also a part of STATE OF WOW®. WOW Innovation offer a variety of services to custom design and private label customers. We can help you develop your product and manufacture your entire collection. The possibilities are endless and include all kind of headwear, for instance; snapbacks, baseball caps, bucket hats, 5 panel caps, adjustable & fitted.

The products that we make can be made on an already existing product or we can design something entirely new for the customer. Our focus on high quality, innovation and knowledge of trends and design help us create exactly what our customer is looking for.

We have our own standard of shapes – they are referred to as CROWNS. The Crown Collection consists of three different crowns – CROWN 1, 2 and 12. The type of crown equals the fit and are all marked with a special sign that lets you know what crown you are holding in your hands. Whether you are buying a red, blue or black cap at a retailer in Stockholm, Istanbul or New York, as long as it’s a CROWN 1, the fit is the same.

EX-BAND™ Techology

We also have our own technology – the EX-BAND™ technology that ensures our products has an expandable and stretchable function. By weaving spandex into the sweatband and the fabric of the crown, the EX-BAND™ technology ensures a perfect, flexible and comfortable fit that allows the cap to expand easily and quickly adopt its original form after use. The visor is made with a technology that secures that the shape and curve stays the same and the sweatband is made from a material that stays dry at all times.

Look, browse, shop and let us know if you have any questions.


Allan Muff
President STATE OF WOW®


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VAT No.: 27 63 13 55

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